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Masters Degree in Philosophy

The Master of Arts in Philosophy degree programme is offered by the Arrupe College as an Associate institution of the University of Zimbabwe.  The programme consists of two Parts: Part 1 will be the course work component and Part 2 the research component.

The programme will run for three (3) semesters on a full-time basis, or six (6) semesters on a part-time basis.  Each semester will normally consist of 15 weeks.  Part 1 of the programme will be offered on full-time basis for two (2) semesters and part-time basis for four (4) semesters.  Part 2 will be offered full-time for a period of one (1) semester, and part-time for a period of two (2) semesters.  The programme will normally commence either in August or in February.  A student shall register for six (6) courses for Part 1, two of which shall be core courses and four optional.  Optional courses will be chosen from a range of options available in any one year.  Each course shall normally consist of 30 hours of teaching and is single weighted.  For full-time students, the dissertation will normally be submitted on or before 30 June or 30 November of the third semester, and part-time students will normally submit it on or before 30 June or 30 November of the sixth semester.

An applicant for this programme must satisfy the provisions of the General Academic and Faculty of Arts Regulations. To be considered for admission an applicant must have a good Honours degree (2.1 or better) in Philosophy or an approved equivalent.