Dean’s Notices

Examination The Semester Examinations will take place from May 9- 18, 2016. Please note that any student who does not have proper AC ID will not take the exams.  Please refer to the Exam Timetables for details. Elective Selection Every student who is eligible to register for electives should do so before June 1, 2016 for the August Semester. Click on here for the list of courses Course Enrolment Every student irrespective of their program at Arrupe ought to enrol into their courses. Any

Exam Timetable Dec 2015

ARRUPE COLLEGE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE Nov 30- 9 Dec 2015 Date APH 1st Year APH 2nd Year APH 3rd Year APH 4th Year MA Monday November 30th APH 103 Academic Writing APH 212 Personality Theories APH 303 Philosophy of Science APH 306 Philosophy of Religion MPA 559 Philosophy of religion Tuesday December 1st APH 525 Latin Language Study   APH 305; MPA 509 & 510 Political & Legal Philosophy Wednesday December 2nd APH 107 Varieties in History of African Peoples APH 207 History of Ancient Philosophy APH 307 Social and Economic Philosophy MPA 508: Social Phil.   APH 407 New Testament Foundations       Thursday December 3rd APH 106 African Thought in African Literature APH 205 Religions of the World APH 603c: Intro to law & just. APH

Up Coming Short Courses/Electives

Electives and Short Courses Second Semester 2016-2017 CHINUA ACHEBE: THINKER AS ARTIST Prof. Anthony Chennells Achebe is probably Africa’s most important writer and in this course we will look at four of his novels:  Things Fall Apart, Arrow of God, A Man of the People and Anthills of the Savannah and at some of his non-fiction selected from Morning Yet on Creation Day, Hopes and Impediments and Home and Exile.  As the title of the course suggests we will show how Achebe

Epistemology Course

Epistemology Course by Dr. Kizito Kiyimba, SJ Everyone is invited to participate in these presentations. Date and Time Article Presenter Venue Friday October 16, 2015 – 8:50am Direct Realism and the Brain-in-a-Vat Argument – Michael Huemer Dr Kizito Kiyimba, SJ Seminar Room II Thursday October 22, 8:00am What is Knowledge – Linda Zagzebski Mr Pius Ndekile, SJ Seminar Room II Thursday October 22, 8:50am Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? Edmund Gettier Ms Mablin Zireva Seminar Room II Friday October 23, 8:50am Meditations of First Philosophy – Rene Descartes Mr John Siyumbu Seminar Room II Thursday October 29, 8:00am Skepticism and Closure: Why the

Chiedza Call for Papers 2017-2018

DECEMBER 2017 Journal of Arrupe College, Call for Articles. THE EDUCATION INDUSTRY IN AFRICA: AN EDUCATION FOR HUMANITY? Education is a key to development, security, peace and health that will lead to the sustainable independence of any nation. Education is also the driving force that propels economic growth. Education equips a nation with necessary tools to set up and uphold its values and beliefs. Education should be at the core of what makes us a society. It should determine