Examination Timetable Nov/Dec 2016

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Nov/Dec 2016

Date APH 1st Year APH 2nd Year APH 3rd Year APH 4th Year/MA Electives

November 30th

APH 103: Academic Writing; APH 529: Phil writing. Afternoon: APH 111 Methodology and Research Skills   APH 303:

Philosophy of Science

APH 407:

New Testament Foundations



APH 604: African Psychology


December 1st

APH 525: Latin


APH 212:

Personality Theories

     Afternoon: APH 537b: Special Education



December 2nd

APH 107:

Varieties in History of African Peoples

APH 205:

Religions of the world

APH 307: Social and Economic Philosophy

MPA 508: Social Phil.


APH 405:

Epistemology and Hermeneutics






December 5th

Afternoon: APH 101:

Elementary French Language Study

APH 211:

Philosophical Anthropology

  MPA 501:


APH 557: Immanuel Kant

APH 588: Phil. of Art



December 6th

APH 113:

Introduction to Philosophy

APH 201:

African Literature in French and French Conversation I

APH 305: MPA 509 & 510: Political & Legal Philosophy   Afternoon: APH 544: Psych. & Spirituality

APH 605: Peace & Confl. Magt.

Afternoon 517: Statistics



December 7th

  APH 207:

History of Ancient Philosophy

  APH 306:

Philosophy of Religion


Afternoon: APH 611c: Intro. to Proj. Mgmt & planning



December 8th

APH 109:

The Second Vatican Council

APH 208: Hist. of Medieval philosophy


APH 301:

History of Modern Philosophy

  APH 526: Christianity in Africa

APH 603: Intro. to Pub. Admin.


December 9th

APH 105:

African Thought in African Literature


APH 203: Classical Greek Drama


    Afternoon: APH 593: Art of Leadership

APH 504b: S. Freud

Afternoon APH 604b: Afr. Theo