Our Philosophy

To be an African Jesuit Centre of academic excellence, making a quality contribution to Jesuit formation and tertiary education in Africa by providing the highest standards of philosophical and humanistic studies.

Our lecturers, senior lecturers and professors are diverse in their academic background as they are in their experiences. They have numerous publications. We offer only the best.

Our courses are also available online through Moodle. Our students are able to participate in online fora and experience the same classes

Our students are contenders in spirituality, sports, arts and culture in a fast changing ICT world.They continue to compete in academics in some of the most lucrative graduate studies in the world.

Our courses ranges from Masters, Bachelors, Diploma, and short certificate Courses. There also occassional students who come to take short courses  just to enjoy academia.


Since 1994, Arrupe has taken its place among the world renowned institutions of higher learning. Our students are professors, lecturers, doctors and philanthropists all over the world.

Global Degrees

Our students earn degrees from the University of Zimbabwe, and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. The degrees are from highly ranked universities, and their knowledge is from seasoned experiences of theory and practice.

African Institute

An African Institution of higher learning that brings together many countries of the continent. It is a union of cultures and beauties of the people.