Registrar’s Notices

Course Registration Please note that all students must register for their electives on the website in order to be considered in the courses. Any student who did not register for any elective can audit them, but will not receive any final marks on their report cards or transcripts. All reading courses must be approved and registered with the registrar. All students doing reading courses must choose them as their electives on the website. Any bilateral arrangements between a lecturer and a

Dean’s Notices

Examination The Semester Examinations will take place from May 9- 18, 2016. Please note that any student who does not have proper AC ID will not take the exams.  Please refer to the Exam Timetables for details. Elective Selection Every student who is eligible to register for electives should do so before June 1, 2016 for the August Semester. Click on here for the list of courses Course Enrolment Every student irrespective of their program at Arrupe ought to enrol into their courses. Any

Epistemology Course

Epistemology Course by Dr. Kizito Kiyimba, SJ Everyone is invited to participate in these presentations. Date and Time Article Presenter Venue Friday October 16, 2015 – 8:50am Direct Realism and the Brain-in-a-Vat Argument – Michael Huemer Dr Kizito Kiyimba, SJ Seminar Room II Thursday October 22, 8:00am What is Knowledge – Linda Zagzebski Mr Pius Ndekile, SJ Seminar Room II Thursday October 22, 8:50am Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? Edmund Gettier Ms Mablin Zireva Seminar Room II Friday October 23, 8:50am Meditations of First Philosophy – Rene Descartes Mr John Siyumbu Seminar Room II Thursday October 29, 8:00am Skepticism and Closure: Why the

AJU Inauguration Homily – Fr. Chuks Afiawari, SJ

Inauguration of Arrupe Jesuit University, Harare—Zimbabwe Homily at the Mass of Thanksgiving Saturday, 24 February 2018 1st Reading: Philippians 1:3—11 Resp. Psalm: Ps 140 “Lord, send forth your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.” 2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 12: 3b—7, 12—13 Gospel: John 21:15—17 Theme: “Ever to Love and to Serve” (Motto of Arrupe Jesuit University) Over a period of 27 years (from 1521—1548), St. Ignatius of Loyola—Founder of the Jesuits—wrote and continually updated a little manual or guide for making a retreat, which he always

Second Arrupe Symposium 2018

SECOND ARRUPE SYMPOSIUM  31ST JANUARY-2ND FEBRUARY 2018           DAY 1     APH/PUG PRESENTATIONS Moderators: Mrs. ROBIN ANDREWS AND Mr. JAMES OCHOLI 8.00-8.10 Opening Prayer Welcome by the Dean. FIRST PRESENTATION 8:10-8:30 Mr. Emmanuel Mukhwana Wafula: A Critique of Bertrand Russell’s Theory of Mind. 8:30-8:40 Response to Mr. Wafula by Mr. Lubuva Bernard (MA Student) 8:40-9:00. QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION SECOND PRESENTATION 9:10-9:30 Mr. Emmanuel Ndorimana: Civil Society: A Source of Democratic and Inclusive Development of a State. 9:30-9:40 Response to Mr. Ndorimana by Mr. Tinashe Kunze 9:40-10:00. QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION TEA BREAK

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees The following tuition and fees are tentative fees for the academic year 2017-2018. These may be subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances. However such changes will be communicated to prospective students through this website. There are possibilities of financial arrangements and installment payments. Please see the Office of the Dean for further details. Undergraduate Fee Structure at AJU – All in USA Dollars. Tuition fees (per semester) 900.00 Accommodation (per year) 0.00 Lunch on Campus (optional) 250.00 Application fees 20.00 Health fees (per year) 250.00 Students’ Association (per year) 50.00 Technology

Certificate in Gender Studies

Certificate in Gender and Women Studies Gender and Women Studies is an interdisciplinary program. Gender Studies and Women Studies courses examine women’s lives, conditions, and contributions within their historical, social, cultural, national and transnational contexts and explore how gender is constructed and negotiated within and across societies.  Women’s and men’s identities and experiences are examined through the constructs of gender, race, class, age, ability, sexuality, culture, religion, nation, etc. within broader historical, social, and global contexts, such as colonialism, globalization, among

Mastes in Theology

Master of Arts in Theology Entry Requirement In addition to the entry requirement to AJU, the following will also be required for the MA in Theology (MTH). A BA degree or equivalent in Theology, Philosophy or a relevant Social Science with an upper second-class honours or a cumulative Grade Point Average of 00 on a scale of 4.00; a lower second-class honours on a cumulative Grade Point Average of 50 on a scale of 4.00. In addition, this candidate must have received relevant

BSc in ICT – Information Systems

BSc in Information & Communication Technology Concentration on Networking, Web Development, Database Management, Forensics, Business Intelligence and ICT Management Program Overview: The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Management is a four year program for students taking classes in the from the February and August intakes. There will be three semesters within the year (February – May, June – August, September – December). Regular and part-time students are allowed to go above four years, however, students cannot be allowed in the program

Certificate in Development Studies

Certificate in Sustainable Development Studies Program Description Our master certificate in sustainable development course will introduce participants to the different tenets of human, social, political economical and environmental complexities of the human society. You will learn the use of critical thinking and behavioral change to approach developmental issues, especially the alternatives to development. It will focus on the sustainability approach to solve real-world developmental problems. Rationale for This Course. In depth training in methodology, skills and behavioral change to solve complex societal, ecological and

BA Honours in Training for Transformation

Four Year BA Honours Degree In Training For Transformation Arrupe Jesuit University Faculty of Arts and the International Grail jointly offer the BA honors degree program. Grail is an international group of educators, social policy and leadership professionals who specialize in training of youth and adult community leaders for development. It was founded in 1921 in the Netherlands. Since its inception, it is now founded in 21 countries of the world including Netherlands, Germany, England, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania,

BA Honours in African Literature

BA HONOURS IN AFRICAN LITERATURE The course consists of eight semesters and will normally be studied over four years. A student who has already completed a first degree with a substantial literature component may be admitted at the beginning of the second year. The course is principally concerned with African Literature in English although in each semester there is one course on English literature to enable students to see one of the many literary influences that have helped to African literature.

First Arrupe Symposium 2017

1st ARRUPE SYMPOSIUM 1ST-3RD FEBRUARY 2017 DAY 1 APH/PUG PRESENTATIONS   Moderators: Mr. Paschal Bihorubusa and Mr. Munyaradzi Murungu 8.00-8.10: Opening Prayer and welcome by the Dean. FIRST PRESENTATION 8.10-8.30 Mr. Uche Oguike: Education for Historical Consciousness. 8.30-8.40: Response to Mr. Uche by Mr. Vitalis Chinonso. 8.40-9.00: Question and Answer Session.   SECOND PRESENTATION 9.10-9.30 Mr. Emmanuel Ndorimana: Promotion and Development of African Languages. 9.30-9.40 Response to Mr. Ndorimana by Mr Emmanuel Ogwu 9.40-10.00 Question and Answer Session   Tea Break 10.00-10.30 THIRD PRESENTATION 10.35-10.55 Mr. Emmanuel Ogwu: “Writers don’t give prescriptions. They give headaches”: The African Novel